Wedding Trends we Love to Love in 2016

I am so excited for this coming wedding season, we’ve seen a dramatic change in themes, decor and styling and I am crushing hard on whats to come. I cannot wait to incorporate some of this goodness in the coming season, here’s a list of my faves. I’m in lurve!


Step away from the hessian and put down the mason jars! We say goodbye to the country rustic look and hello to deep bejewelled tones with an enchanted woodland vibe for the new rustic wedding look. We’re loving the use of natural elements and greenery with metallic accents to give an elegant feel to the decor. Lots of warm lighting and candles mixed with fine linen and close attention to detail.

Rustic woodland

Photo Cred: Two Foxes Photography


Break away from traditional function centres and wedding venues and instead, go for quirky places that might have significant meaning to you as the couple. Think old barns or sheds on farms, old town halls, warehouses, full outdoor receptions on grassed areas. These places have character and are the perfect blank canvas to create wedding wonderfullness.  We’ve have some amazing vendors in our southwest to cater for your every need for this type of event set up, and if organising and coordinating it all seems a little overwhelming, well you know who to call! (Blush Styling & Events – yes,  Ghostbusters – no)


Photo Cred: Janneke Storm


Menu’s are taking on a fun twist with thoughtfully styled food stations – donut stations, taco stations, cheese stations, antipasto stations, dessert stations – heck yeah!  Food trucks and mobile pizza ovens along with icy poles, gelato and hot chocolate carts will all add a bit of quirk and a relaxed feel to your day . #demfeels


Photo Cred: Troy Grover Photographers


Photo Cred: Brooklyn View Photography


Wherever you’re getting married, it’s all about creating an oasis! Whether that’s by hosting an outdoor soiree, or bringing the outside in – lots of greenery! Perfect for adding texture and shape, as well as a super cost effective way to decorate and make your florals look abundant! So wherever you think flowers, think greenery: the aisle, the reception tables, the bouquet, hanging installations and even the cake! And when you think there’s enough….add a bit more – because when it comes to this trend, more is more!


Photo Cred: Nicole Berrett

One Colour, taken to new heights.
No more pastel pink mixed with pastel lilac mixed with pastel yellow mixed with pastel blue.
We’ll now start to see one colour, in many shades, like an ombre effect. Mixed hues of the same colour paired with textured linens and hints of metallic, oh yeah.


Photo Cred: Ruffled Blog


Photo Cred: Ruffled Blog


Photo Cred: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Now there’s a trend that I absolutely love the most, it has been going strong for quite a few years now, it is that of creating a celebration of your love – your way! That means your big day not being defined by tradition or trends, but it being all about you, your relationship, the people you love to spend time with, the spaces, colours, food and music you LOVE! When it comes to planning your wedding there really are NO rules -except have a phat time!

D x

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