Wedding Styling In a Nutshell (help, I’m in a nutshell)

102(Austin Powers quotes are unpredictable and will forever stick with me, apologies in advance).

What does a wedding stylist do, and how can having your very own wedding stylist benefit you on your most special day?

We’re like a walking, talking, real life version of Pinterest. We’re always on the lookout and taking mental notes of decorating concepts and, as you would do on your phone app or computer, the vision is firmly pinned in our creative minds, saved for laters baby. We also have the experience and knowledge to know what works and how to pull together and create wedding day deliciousness. (So you can avoid those pesky Pinterest fails!).

Now lets ditch the misconception that Stylists are a luxury of the rich and famous and that it just isn’t feasible to incorporate a stylist in your wedding budget – I call BS. We get that weddings love sucking up your hard earned funds, and we get budgets. We know where you can save money and which area’s need more investment. And because we’re buddies with some amazing local vendors, we’re often able to pass on relevant discounts. Be honest with us about your styling funds budget and we will go above and beyond to make it happen. ‘Help me, help you’… #sorry #cheesy

So how do we operate? Well that’s entirely up to you, we mean it when we say we can do as little or as much as you like – its your wedding! But here’s some idea’s:

On the day set-up – You’re super organised and you know what you want, all items are sourced and secured. You just need someone with a bit of creative flair to attend your venue for a few hours and put everything into place while you’re getting all beautiful and bride-like. We usually meet up at the venue prior to confirm your decorating deets and then take care of it for you on the day. Easy. Oh and because we get super excited we often text you sneaky pics of the set-up to swoon over before you get there!

Full styling concept and creation – You’re time poor, perhaps a little decoratively challenged or just want to treat yourself to the luxury of having your own stylist to take care of the visual aspects of the day. We meet, greet and you tell us your idea’s, wants and must haves for your big day. Then we get stuck into researching all the bells and whistles that we think will make your day pop, and present you with a portfolio including mood board featuring ideas suited to the styling brief, a detailed styling proposal, supplier contacts and quoted pricing for all the lovelies we suggest. We tweak it until you’re 100% in love with it, then we make it all happen from setting up on the day, to coordinating all deliveries and ensuring everything is running smoothly, to packing down if required.

We also give you our mobile numbers and can be on call for any little emergencies that may (hopefully not) arise on the day, it’s nice to have the extra peace of mind on such big occasions.

Now we cant work for free, someone’s gotta bring home the bacon, (mmm bacon), so how do we calculate your charges? We charge an hourly rate which is quoted to you based on your requirements. Once accepted, the charges do not change throughout the planning process. Even if we go way over, because we roolly truly love what we do and sometimes we just don’t want to leave… kidding, but we really do love hanging out at weddings!

So there you have it, wedding styling in a nutshell. If you would like to have a chat about having a helping hand on your big day please shoot us an email or call, we’d love to chat weddings with you.

Domaney x

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