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The Wedding Styling Journey!

How it all works….

Come and say “Hi!”

Email, phone or in person, whichever is convenient for you. We discuss your special day, and there’s usually coffee or wine. Whether you have no idea where to begin, or you have been visualising every detail since you were 5 years old, we can help.

We put the figures together!

We don’t offer styling packages as we are passionate about creating a completely unique event each time which represents you as a couple. We can provide you with a quote once we know your requirements.

The fun begins…

On approval of your quote and once the deposit has been taken, we become your wedding wing(wo)man and the styling journey begins…

The Mood Board:  Once we have a thorough understanding of what you are envisioning, we collate a gorgeous set of images to create your unique mood board. We will share this with you, tweak it until it’s a perfect fit and only when you are 100% happy, we will go ahead and start creating your wedding styling proposal.

Your Style Proposal: We will start sourcing styling elements that will come together to create your amazing day. From flowers to favours, from table numbers to table runners, everything will be picked by us, and approved by you. As a Wedding Styling Client, you will have access to all of Blush Styling & Events wedding props at no extra cost to you. For anything else that we source, we will work with trusted and reliable vendors to ensure that we get the best supplies for the best possible price. And if you have any preferred vendors, then we would be more than happy to work with them also. Our service goes beyond just the standard styling suppliers, we can make recommendations on the best southwest wedding venues, photographers, bespoke invitation designers, floral designers etc etc!

The Collaboration:  We will work directly with all of the vendors involved in the styling elements of your wedding leaving you to enjoy your engagement without stress and worry! You might hear from us everyday for a week, then we’ll go quiet while we’re busy organising all your wedding loveliness, and then we’ll be back with updates – but you can email or call whenever you like! We ensure all of the details work beautifully with each other across all vendors, and that they all know what is expected of them on the day.

The Big Day: By the time your day arrives, we would have done so much work in the background that it will be executed flawlessly and just as you imagined. We will be there from the morning of your day setting up all of the elements, ensuring that all vendors arrive on time and that they deliver what has been promised. When you see your ceremony and reception for the first time we want you to be completely blown away, only then do we consider our job done!

Should you wish to extend your celebrations with your nearest and dearest after the wedding, we do pack downs too!

Blush Styling 2

Wedding Trends we Love to Love in 2016

I am so excited for this coming wedding season, we’ve seen a dramatic change in themes, decor and styling and I am crushing hard on whats to come. I cannot wait to incorporate some of this goodness in the coming season, here’s a list of my faves. I’m in lurve!


Step away from the hessian and put down the mason jars! We say goodbye to the country rustic look and hello to deep bejewelled tones with an enchanted woodland vibe for the new rustic wedding look. We’re loving the use of natural elements and greenery with metallic accents to give an elegant feel to the decor. Lots of warm lighting and candles mixed with fine linen and close attention to detail.

Rustic woodland

Photo Cred: Two Foxes Photography


Break away from traditional function centres and wedding venues and instead, go for quirky places that might have significant meaning to you as the couple. Think old barns or sheds on farms, old town halls, warehouses, full outdoor receptions on grassed areas. These places have character and are the perfect blank canvas to create wedding wonderfullness.  We’ve have some amazing vendors in our southwest to cater for your every need for this type of event set up, and if organising and coordinating it all seems a little overwhelming, well you know who to call! (Blush Styling & Events – yes,  Ghostbusters – no)


Photo Cred: Janneke Storm


Menu’s are taking on a fun twist with thoughtfully styled food stations – donut stations, taco stations, cheese stations, antipasto stations, dessert stations – heck yeah!  Food trucks and mobile pizza ovens along with icy poles, gelato and hot chocolate carts will all add a bit of quirk and a relaxed feel to your day . #demfeels


Photo Cred: Troy Grover Photographers


Photo Cred: Brooklyn View Photography


Wherever you’re getting married, it’s all about creating an oasis! Whether that’s by hosting an outdoor soiree, or bringing the outside in – lots of greenery! Perfect for adding texture and shape, as well as a super cost effective way to decorate and make your florals look abundant! So wherever you think flowers, think greenery: the aisle, the reception tables, the bouquet, hanging installations and even the cake! And when you think there’s enough….add a bit more – because when it comes to this trend, more is more!


Photo Cred: Nicole Berrett

One Colour, taken to new heights.
No more pastel pink mixed with pastel lilac mixed with pastel yellow mixed with pastel blue.
We’ll now start to see one colour, in many shades, like an ombre effect. Mixed hues of the same colour paired with textured linens and hints of metallic, oh yeah.


Photo Cred: Ruffled Blog


Photo Cred: Ruffled Blog


Photo Cred: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Now there’s a trend that I absolutely love the most, it has been going strong for quite a few years now, it is that of creating a celebration of your love – your way! That means your big day not being defined by tradition or trends, but it being all about you, your relationship, the people you love to spend time with, the spaces, colours, food and music you LOVE! When it comes to planning your wedding there really are NO rules -except have a phat time!

D x

Wedding Styling In a Nutshell (help, I’m in a nutshell)

102(Austin Powers quotes are unpredictable and will forever stick with me, apologies in advance).

What does a wedding stylist do, and how can having your very own wedding stylist benefit you on your most special day?

We’re like a walking, talking, real life version of Pinterest. We’re always on the lookout and taking mental notes of decorating concepts and, as you would do on your phone app or computer, the vision is firmly pinned in our creative minds, saved for laters baby. We also have the experience and knowledge to know what works and how to pull together and create wedding day deliciousness. (So you can avoid those pesky Pinterest fails!).

Now lets ditch the misconception that Stylists are a luxury of the rich and famous and that it just isn’t feasible to incorporate a stylist in your wedding budget – I call BS. We get that weddings love sucking up your hard earned funds, and we get budgets. We know where you can save money and which area’s need more investment. And because we’re buddies with some amazing local vendors, we’re often able to pass on relevant discounts. Be honest with us about your styling funds budget and we will go above and beyond to make it happen. ‘Help me, help you’… #sorry #cheesy

So how do we operate? Well that’s entirely up to you, we mean it when we say we can do as little or as much as you like – its your wedding! But here’s some idea’s:

On the day set-up – You’re super organised and you know what you want, all items are sourced and secured. You just need someone with a bit of creative flair to attend your venue for a few hours and put everything into place while you’re getting all beautiful and bride-like. We usually meet up at the venue prior to confirm your decorating deets and then take care of it for you on the day. Easy. Oh and because we get super excited we often text you sneaky pics of the set-up to swoon over before you get there!

Full styling concept and creation – You’re time poor, perhaps a little decoratively challenged or just want to treat yourself to the luxury of having your own stylist to take care of the visual aspects of the day. We meet, greet and you tell us your idea’s, wants and must haves for your big day. Then we get stuck into researching all the bells and whistles that we think will make your day pop, and present you with a portfolio including mood board featuring ideas suited to the styling brief, a detailed styling proposal, supplier contacts and quoted pricing for all the lovelies we suggest. We tweak it until you’re 100% in love with it, then we make it all happen from setting up on the day, to coordinating all deliveries and ensuring everything is running smoothly, to packing down if required.

We also give you our mobile numbers and can be on call for any little emergencies that may (hopefully not) arise on the day, it’s nice to have the extra peace of mind on such big occasions.

Now we cant work for free, someone’s gotta bring home the bacon, (mmm bacon), so how do we calculate your charges? We charge an hourly rate which is quoted to you based on your requirements. Once accepted, the charges do not change throughout the planning process. Even if we go way over, because we roolly truly love what we do and sometimes we just don’t want to leave… kidding, but we really do love hanging out at weddings!

So there you have it, wedding styling in a nutshell. If you would like to have a chat about having a helping hand on your big day please shoot us an email or call, we’d love to chat weddings with you.

Domaney x

Oh So Sweet Handmade Wedding Favours!


Last year I was approached by beautiful bride to be Megan, with a request for handmade wedding favours. I thought hell-to-the-yes I’d absolutely love to! My inner crafty goddess was in her element and I cut, painted and sewed these beautiful jute bags with hearts – and enjoyed every second of it!

Inside these rustic little delights were five pastel coloured sugar coated almonds. In amongst all the new trends in today’s modern weddings, I love to include a little bit of tradition and these dainty sweets were just perfect.

For labels I couldn’t go past kraft card, lace and twine. Love, love and love!

Thank you Megan and Ryan fo giving me the honour of playing a little part in your special day x

Megan3 Megan1 Megan5

Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife —
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!

Little Man Louis Celebrates ONE!

We ‘moustache’ you to stop by and check out this gorgeous set-up for our very own little man celebrating ONE! We’ve always said our little guy is an old soul, while he’s little and chubby, he’s always had this ‘little man’ look about him. He melts his mama that’s for sure! It was only fitting that his party reflect this!

There was a touch of moustache mania with this black and white, vintage theme. With classic slices like vanilla slice, lemon and coconut slice and vanilla slice, fresh donuts and super cute moustache cookies made by Sweet Stylin, (local maker of delicious cakes and treats in Dunsborough, highly recommend!), and an orange and poppy seed cake with handmade bunting – all whipped up by yours truly! There was also a ‘stache some treats’ lolly buffet and warm popcorn. Drinks were served in the sweetest mini milk bottles with paper straws, plastic of course for the little ones, there was a kid friendly punch and some good old H2O.

Due to the fires here in the southwest and the effect on postage we didn’t receive our parcel of orange and green lollies, black and white cupcake cases and large black and white swirl lollipops in time, but we don’t think little Louis noticed at all and the moustache cupcake toppers didn’t look too bad stuck in the donuts!

For decoration we kept it simple with handmade fabric bunting, balloons and honeycomb balls. Here’s how it went down:

Louis2 Louis4 Louis5 Louis6 Louis7 Louis3 Louis8
Louis10 Louis11





The Silent Bridesmaid

Bridal parties – your besties, your family. The people you’ve chosen to stand along side you on your most special day. The input and advice they provide in the lead up to your big day is invaluable, from the dress to the flowers, to the shade of the napkins and often busy DIY afternoons crafting wedding favours and finalising decoration details. Best friends for Life!

Now traditionally it’s your bridal party that offers assistance in setting up your wedding on the day, which makes sense of course because they know exactly what you want and you trust them completely. But after their pre-wedding efforts and as they are your nearest and dearest, I’m sure you’d much rather have them by your side on the day of your wedding – think hair, make-up, CHAMPERS! Believe me when I say this, the morning of your wedding doesn’t get much of the limelight but it really is a special and emotional part of the day. There’s laughter, reminiscing, happy tears and a whole lot of love going on.

But someone needs to be there at your ceremony and reception venues bringing it all together, to make sure all the finishing touches are in place. To set-up, style and ensure a polished look from beginning to end… you need a silent bridesmaid –  hello Blush Styling & Events!

This just so happens to be our specialty and one of our most favourite pastimes, yay! From complete concept creation to just setting up your items on the day, (perfect for DIY couples!), wedding day coordination and we also offer a pack down service. This leaves you able to relax and soak up every moment knowing your day will run smoothly and you’ve not had to impose any duties on family, friends or your beautiful bridal party.

We are super friendly, super flexible and we’d love to be your wedding wing-man. We are a little tree of knowledge on all things weddings and we’re here to provide as little or as much assistance as you need in the lead up and on your wedding day. A  wedding stylist or professional on the day coordinator can sometimes be the best wedding gift. So do yourself a favour and ease some of that wedding planning pressure, contact Domaney at Blush Styling & Events and get yourself a silent bridesmaid!


Archie Turns 2!

Our very own gorgeous Thomas-the-tank loving toddler Archer turned 2 in December, we celebrated over morning tea with family. We had jelly cups, popcorn, lollies, biscuits and a variety of delicious slices alongside some healthier wraps – a little indulgence is required, it’s a birthday party after all! He had a great day! All props and styling by Blush Styling & Events!